Exploit all payment reports to develop
a 360° monitoring of the operations

Simplify analytics to reinforce cost reduction and revenue optimization

Why Quantus

Payment monitoring is a prerequisite for optimization we can help you prioritize it.

While all payment providers offer activity reports, the varying formats and levels of detail can make it challenging to monitor payment flows effectively.

That’s why we’ve created a platform that standardizes the reports and provides you with actionable information and features to monitor operations, reduce costs and maximize revenues.

How it works

 The central repository to collect, consolidate, store and exploit payment reports

Activity reports collection

Adapting to the delivery method and frequency proposed by your providers, the required infrastructure is deployed to manually or automatically collect activity reports.

Key data elements extract

Report specific business rules are developed in order to extract key information and achieve data mapping.

Report standardization

Collected information is transformed, normalized, classified and consolidated across providers according to the data model defined for each report type.

On-demand data processing

Actionable information is made available through customizable charts, dashboards, alerts, exportable reports, as required to meet merchant’s business needs and priorities .


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Exploit all the information received

Refine your analysis by filtering data

Cutting Edge Features

Discover how we can simplify payment management

Evaluate your performances

Define your own threshold and rules

Exploit your  historical data  

Measure trends and export
consolidated information.

Monitor payment in all
its dimensions

Filter the data source

Develop alerts

By email or indicators in the dashboards

Customize your summary report

Regroup your key performance indicators in one page

Control access rights

Access rights designed to map your organisation

Our proposal

A proposal designed to adapt to your specific needs and strategy

infrastructure illustration

A secured infrastructure

3 options to collect & upload activity reports in Quantus

3 options illustration
4 options illustration

4 options to exploit information

SaaS economic model

saas illustration

Meet the team

Our passionate and dedicated team of experts.

Nadine Nortier

20+ years of experience in project and partnership management at Air France.

Cédric Baudon

20+ years of experience in developing payment solutions for the Travel industry at Amadeus.

Our Story

From humble beginnings to industry-leading solutions

Leveraging on 20 years experience in the airline industry, during which we developed our expertise of the payment industry, we created Baudon Nortier Consulting in 2013.

Supporting numerous customers since 2013 gave us a deep understanding of challenges linked to payment management within merchant organisations and led us to develop our platform in 2021. With the launch Quantus BNC we are evolving into a solution provider, still in the payment field.


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